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Make Your Own Hanging Vase

Easy To Make Hanging Vase

Now we still have some extra time to be creative and the possibilities to shop are limited I thought I'd share with you how to make this hanging vase. I love simple DIY decorations that you can make with stuff you have laying around the house.

I came to this idea because I was living with 5 kittens around the house who didn't allow me to have any flowers because they were too much fun to play with!
This hanging vase was the solution!

What you need

- A glass bottle with an edge that can hold the string in place
- 1,5 m string (something strong)

To do

1. Tie the string under the rim on one sight leaving enough space at both ends
2. Pull one side of the string down and lead it under the bottle and up to the other side and make a knot
3. Make sure the string is tight enough so it can't slip over the rim
4. Pull both strings up and make a knot so it's ready to be hanged

         hanging vase by golden forest boutique   hanging vase for flowers

Finally, pick yourself some lovely wildflowers and brighten up your room!
Have fun xx


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