Red Onion Ruby necklace
Red Onion Ruby necklace
Red Onion Ruby necklace
Red Onion Ruby necklace

Red Onion Ruby necklace

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Elegant ruby red necklace with red onion gem, made in Ireland.

This dainty necklace is made with red onion skin and eco resin. This new version with a bezel with two loops hangs beautifully. It has a beautiful shine and is perfect for any occasion.

Mix and match with red onion designs like a ring, stud earrings or bracelet.


- 10 mm pendant
- 18 inch/ 45 cm Italian made sterling silver chain (can have about 1cm discrepancy)
- eco-friendly resin is plantbased, UV resistant and non toxic

Further information

Every item sold online plants one tree 🌳 In this way I want to offset carbon emissions and help the world become a healthier, happier and greener place.

To keep this item in optimal condition:
- take it off when showering/ swimming
- keep it out of strong sunlight and other heat sources
- store in dry and dark place

This item is handmade in Ireland using natural materials. Therefore each piece is unique and might slightly differ from picture.

Each order comes with a nice little giftbox/ giftbag so it's ready to give away.

All photos and original designs by Golden Forest Boutique. All rights reserved.

The process:

Each step in the long process to create a botanical piece is taken with much precision and care. From finding special flowers, using different methods to dry them while maintaining their colours and shapes, casting a clear resin, sanding and polishing each item. Overall it can take up to a week to complete a piece of jewellery. But it is all worth it when you see the magical end product.✨🌿🌷