Lichen necklace, botanical jewellery made in Ireland
Lichen pendant, natural jewellery made in Ireland
Yellow Lichen necklace
Lichen necklace, irish jewelry by golden forest boutique

Yellow Lichen necklace

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This pendant is made with gorgeous mustard yellow Lichen and eco resin and hangs from a black rhodium plated sterling silver chain, which gives it a very cool look. Rhodium is a precious metal that is hypoallergenic and keeps silver jewellery
from tarnishing. This type of Lichen is known under names as yellow scale, maritime sunburst lichen and shore lichen. It can be found on rocks or walls and tree bark.


- 15 mm pendant
- sterling silver bezel cup and jump ring
- 20 inch/ 51 cm Rhodium plated sterling silver chain
- eco-friendly resin UV resistant and non toxic

Further information

For each piece of jewellery you purchase on this website, 1 tree will be planted.

To keep this item in optimal condition:
- take it off when showering/ swimming
- keep it out of strong sunlight and other heat sources
- store in dry and dark place

This item is handmade in Ireland using natural materials. Therefore each piece is unique and might slightly differ from picture.

Each order comes with a nice little giftbox/ giftbag so it's ready to give away.

All photos and original designs by Golden Forest Boutique. All rights reserved.

The process:

Each step in the long process to create a botanical piece is taken with much precision and care. From finding special flowers, using different methods to dry them while maintaining their colours and shapes, casting a clear resin, sanding and polishing each item. Overall it can take up to a week to complete a piece of jewellery. But it is all worth it when you see the magical end product.✨🌿🌷